Thursday, 23 December 2010

Filming in the neighbourhood camp

As I said before, our school is in a nice and quiet neighbourhood.
It's near a hospital (de la paix) just off Delmas 33.

Accross the street is a very well run Christian Guesthouse - Mathews
25. At the other corner there is an equally well run cyber cafe.

As in every neighbourhood in Port au Prince, there are also a lot of
displaced people, living in makeshift tents in temporary camps - for a
year now.

'Our' camp is a very well organised and relatively small one. Only 700
people live on a former soccerfield ...

Yesterday it was the last day of school. There was singing, dancing,
food and drinks for all.

And Haiti Reporters was there with 3 filmcrews and 4 photographers to
document it.

This photo shows 3 of the little dancers being interviewed.