Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bon Annee!

Happy New Year in Port au Prince!

It sounds a little weird with all the cholera victims, the politicall
unrest because of the prrsidential election and offcourse the millions
of displaced people because of the earthquake. Or 'GougGoug' as they
say here. Actually at first they did not give it a name. The Haitians
called it 'It' or 'that thing' or 'Mister'.

But a happy new year it is. The relativelly very small camp (700
people) accross our school was partying from 19.00 till 04.00!!

I don't think there was as much fireworks as I am used to in the
Netherlands. But then again, why would you spent hundreds of millions
of euros/dollars or even gourdes on some vary short lived noise and

Wisdom for all!!